John Neville, 1st Baron Neville de Raby (c. 1410 – March 29, 1461), was an English nobleman and soldier.

The younger son of Sir John Neville, Lord Neville and Elizabeth Holland.

Sometime after 1451, he married Anne Holland, daughter of John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter and his nephew's widow; they had one son:

  • Ralph Neville, 3rd Earl of Westmorland (1456–1499)

Originally a supporter of Richard, Duke of York, he went over to the Lancastrians just before the Battle of Wakefield (1460). Richard gave battle, thinking Neville would arrive to reinforce him, but being attacked instead was defeated and slain. Neville's half-uncle, the Earl of Salisbury, was killed shortly after the battle, and by his testament Neville became Constable of Middleham Castle and Sheriff Hutton Castle.

He was one of the Lancastrian commanders at the Battle of Ferrybridge, and was killed shortly thereafter at the Battle of Towton. He was attainted in November, but his son Ralph obtained a reversal of the attainder and succeeded him in 1472.